Perfect App Protector Pro v5.0.7 Apk App

Posted by Tips Blog Buzz on 29 April 2012

Perfect App Protector Pro v5.0.7 Apk App

Perfect App Protector Pro v5.0.7 Apk App Android Download - Hello tGadget Friends, surely you already know this one android application. Yeah, Perfect App Protector Pro v5.0.7 Apk App Android is one of the best applications are preferred android mobile users and you must have it.

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Perfect App Protector Pro
 Google Market Top20 Application.

 Perfect App Protector Pro
 Google Market Top20 Application.
 "Perfect AppLock!"
 Relible security measurement for your phone apps!
 Perfect AppLock! lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode: SMS, Email, Pictures, Camera, USB Connect, Calendar,Messanger...any apps you choose
 # Feautures
 1. Lock Apps
 2. Screen Filter supports
 3. Rotation Lock supports
 4. USB lock supports
 5. Pattern Password supports
 * Service restart is required after the upgrade.
 * Perfect Applock don't support small screen size phone like HTC wildfire.
 * In order to bulk purchasing,contact developer by email.
 * "outgoing call"permission is needed for Stealth Mode

 What's in this version:
 5.0.6 : Fixed a bug related to Auto Start(2012.04.27)

Download Instructions:

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