Anatomy 3D Free - Anatronica v1.27 Apk App

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Anatomy 3D Free - Anatronica v1.27 Apk App

Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: A free 3D educational guide to the human skeletal and muscular anatomy featuring an advanced interactive 3D touch interface.

 A free 3D educational guide to the human skeletal and muscular anatomy featuring an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. Wikipedia and Grays anatomy info available. Since 1.19 version you can test your knowledge of anatomy by using built in quiz!

 Try this FREE version before you decide to buy Anatronica Pro (Ads free, all future upgrades FREE)!

 -Available for phones and tablets

 -Visit for free complete online web version of interactive anatomy with all human anatomy systems!

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 -Update (Version 1.25/19-Mar-2012) - Fixed freezes and crashes on certain devices (it works for Samsung Galaxy S2 now)
 -Update (Version 1.21/08-Feb-2012) - Various bug fixes,fps counter (benchmark and compare 3D capabilites of your android device with other android devices!) Post your results here)

 -Update (Version 1.20/04-Feb-2012) - Muscular system added!

 -Update(Version 1.19/20-Jan-2012) - 3D Anatomy quiz feature added!

 -This tablet and phone app allows for
 easy navigation of the skeletal and muscular system. The intricate connections and
 alignments amongst various organs such as the bones of the skull are
 much easier to understand and remember with the anatomically correct
 and detailed 3D model. Human body is a complicated three dimensional
 structure and different means of navigating and selecting objects are
 provided in order to make it easier to view the organs of interest
 from the preferred vantage point. In order to speed up the learning
 experience organs are grouped into a hierarchical and medically known
 sets. A hierarchy browser allows for quick highlighting and
 navigation of these sets, subsets and finally organs themselves. The
 tablet touch interface is perfectly integrated into the browsing and
 navigation experience and allows for intuitive manipulation of objects
 within the view. Once an organ has been selected a single touch of a
 button can increase or decrease the number of surrounding organs.
 Entering the name of an organ into the search bar allows for fast
 selection and view focus on that organ. Other buttons are available
 for increasing and decreasing the number of surrounding organs
 according to their level in the medical hierarchy. Individual organs
 can also be hidden or made transparent. Multiple interface options
 allow for easy and fast organ selection and visibility settings while
 the intuitive touch interface allows for quick adjustment of the
 viewing angle. We hope that you enjoy and spread the word about our
 free educational anatomy offering. With your support we can offer
 more body systems in the future. Built with Unity3D.

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