English Grammar PRO Rus v2.2 Apk App

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English Grammar PRO Rus v2.2 Apk App

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Full version - with voice pronunciation and without advertising.

 Full version - with voice pronunciation and without advertising.

 English Grammar - an application to test and improve their standard of spoken English. Ideally suited to all who have little time to practice spoken language.

 The application is built based on the television program, Dmitry Petrov, "Polyglot." The main principle of the method of training - regular repetition of the basic grammatical structures of English in the past, present and future time, to bring them to the use of automatism.

 Even a short daily lessons will help you automatically and do not hesitate to build a phrase in English.

 This program allows you to train the construction of English sentences in three times in the affirmative, negative and interrogative form. The program uses its own database of words, consisting of 80 different verbs in all possible forms of question words ten, eight prepositions, pronouns, and several plagues that allows you to more than 120-thousand possible combinations of unique issues.

 The program also includes a voice pronunciation of words and phrases.

 To disable the pronunciation of each word selected, press the Menu - "Turn off voice pronunciation."

 Important ***: for voice pronunciation used built-in Google Text-to-Speech, so sometimes (very rarely) possible inaccuracies in pronunciation ***

 *** If your device is not installed Voice Library, at the start of the program redirects to the Market for downloading SpeechSynthesis Data Installer. After installation, you must restart the program. ***

 *** On some devices, voice pronunciation can be found but not configured. To properly configure the voice library to open Menu - Settings - Voice input and output - Text-to-speech settings and enable Always use my settings (Menu - Settings - Voice input and output - Setting speech synthesis, enable the option My Settings) * **

 How does it work:

 The program offers job in Russian with a lot of choices. Options are grouped by category - question words, verbs, pronouns, prepositions.

 To solve the task, it is necessary to make the right offer from the options offered in English.

 The program includes:

 + Base words from the 80 verbs in 10 different conjugations, a 10-question words, 8 pronouns and prepositions
 + Saving the best result - the longest chain of consecutive correct responses
 + Easy to use interface - the answer consists of options like cubes
 + Voice pronunciation of each word chosen in the preparation of an answer
 + Voice pronunciations compiled answers
 + Voice pronunciation of the correct answer
 + Full version - no ads

 Recent changes:
 + Fixed bug with periodic start on some devices
 + In accordance with user comments, improved test answers
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 Latest version: 2.2 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

Download Instructions:

English Grammar PRO Rus v2.2 Apk App Provided by tGadget

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