Gentle Alarm v3.7.0 Apk App

Posted by Tips Blog Buzz on 22 April 2012

Gentle Alarm v3.7.0 Apk App

Gentle Alarm v3.7.0 Apk App Android Download - This is an application that should you have on your android device. Gentle Alarm v3.7.0 Apk App Android is great apps for android in our opinion and is well worth your download.

Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: * most popular Android alarm * * works even when standard alarm is unreliable!!

 Full explanation of all permissions given below.

 - very feature rich
 - dock support
 - tries to you wake you up during light sleep (optional, see below)
 - music, playlists, can create own playlists by choosing an artist or genre...
 - uses own media player for super-gentle fade-in of music
 - silent alarm with slowly increasing vibration
 - night display
 - large button mode for users with glasses
 - flip to snooze
 - test if you are awake
 - supports SleepBot

 An alarm clock shouldn't shell-shock you out of your dreams. That's why I created Gentle Alarm which tries to wake you up during light sleep using an optional pre-alarm.

 Alarm clocks can't know if you are in light sleep or deep sleep (those movement based alarm clock don't work) but they can play a very quiet pre-alarm which you will only hear if you are in light sleep. If you are in deep sleep, you will simply sleep through the pre-alarm.

 The pre-alarm plays 30min before you really want to get up (you can change that). If the pre-alarm wakes you up, you will be more refreshed than if you had slept until the main alarm because at that time you would have fallen back into deep sleep. Give it a try and I am sure you won't want to miss it anymore.

 Of course, the app has all the usual features of a great alarm clock:
 It can switch to a night display automatically when docking the phone. It can automatically shorten the snooze time with each time you press snooze. It can automatically create playlists of your favorite artist or genre. And it allows you to change colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

 What's in this version:
 change: simplifaction of time picker
 change: alarm display can now be much darker when alarm rings
 new: added weekday to date picker
 new: more choices for snooze times
 new: alarm display and night display react to light sensor
 new: next alarm highlighted in list of alarms
 bug fix: removed invalid media announcements
 bug fix: app crashed if no media could be played
 bug fix: TTS volume issues
 bug fix: SleepBot didn't punch out

Download Instructions:


Do you like this game? if you want to download Gentle Alarm v3.7.0 Apk App please click the download link above Gentle Alarm v3.7.0 Apk App Provided by tGadget

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