Handy Construction Calculators v6.75 Apk App

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Handy Construction Calculators v6.75 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Android's Most Popular Construction Calculator!

 35 Powerful, Precise, Proven and Easy to Use Tools.
 10,000+ customers - 4.5 Star rating!
 Satisfaction guaranteed. *Top 50 Productivity App*
 Each of the 35 calculators has been indiviually designed exactly for the intended purpose, including drawings and layouts to assist measuring and understanding the output. Very powerful, yet simple enough to pick up and go. These have been refined over several years based on input from hundreds of professional trades people.
 Accurate and the most detailed inputs and outputs. Compare our results and you will see no other app comes close to the details. Results you can trust!
 The Perfect construction calculator for the Pro, Contractor, Builder or DIY.
 Continuously updated with new features and enhancements.
 Share your results via email or text. Copy to the clipboard to save for reference later.
 * Advanced Rafters
 * Roofing Materials
 * Sheeting
 * Balusters
 * Board Feet
 * Wall Framing
 * Insulation
 * Siding
 * Squaring
 * Stairs
 * Carpet & Vinyl Flooring
 * Tongue & Groove Flooring
 * Crown Molding
 * Drop Ceiling
 * Drywall
 * Finish Areas
 * Paint
 * Tile
 * Amps/Watts/Volts Solver
 * Amps Required for Circuit
 * Round/Rectangle Concrete
 * Post Holes Concrete
 * Asphalt
 * Paving
 * Brick & Block Walls
 * Tape Measure Calc
 * GPS Measure (experimental)
 * Drill Bit & Pilot Holes
 * Aggregate Rectangle/Round
 * Sq Ft/Linear Ft Cost Estimators
 * Circle
 * Rise/Run/Angle
 Wish I had room to describe all of the calculators in detail, but here are some highlights:
 = Stairs
 Input- Total Rise, Ideal Riser Height, Tread Width or Constrained Total Run
 Output- Riser Height, Tread Width, # Treads, # Risers, Total Run and Stringer Board Length, Elevation Angle and Running Stringer Points

 = Baluster
 Input- Rail Length, Baluster Width, Spacing, Rake Angle
 Output- # Balusters and Centers, Spacing, Running Baluster Measurements
 = Rafter
 Input- Span, Pitch, Projection, Fascia, Ridge, Depth, Seat Cut
 Output- Run, Rise, Length, Shortening, Tail, HAP, more
 = Brick/Block
 Input- Stucture Dimensions, Mortar Joint, Wastage %, Brick size
 Output- # Bricks, Courses, Bricks per Course, more
 = Concrete Rectangle/Round
 Input- Dimensions, Thickness and Rebar Spacing
 Output- Yds3, Ft3, M3, Area, Premixed and Portland Bags, Rebar Length
 = Drywall
 Input- Room Dimensions, Panel Size
 Output- Panels, Joint Compound, Fasteners, Primer, Adhesive
 = Roofing
 Input- Dimensions, Roof Type, Pitch, Wastage, Nail and Bundle Size
 Output- Bundles/Rolls, Underlayment, Nails, Hips, Ridge, Drip Edge
 = Tape Measure Calc
 +-*/ mixed US/Metric measurements, running tape output.
 = Tile
 Input- Room Dimensions, Field & Border Tile Size, Orientation.
 Output- # Field, # Border Tiles
 = Framing
 Input- Wall Dimensions, # Openings, # Corners, Stud Spacing
 Output- # Studs, # Plates
 = Insulation
 Input- Area Dimensions, Batt/Roll Size, Volume
 Output- # Batts, # Rolls, Blown needed
 = GPS Measurement
 Experimental method integrated into some calculators to let you measure a large outdoor area using GPS.
 = Aggregate Rectangle/Round
 Input- Dimensions, Thickness, Wastage % and Density.
 Output- Tons, Yds3, M3, Ft3

 = Asphalt/Paving
 Input- Dimensions, Thickness, Base Weight, Base, Subbase
 Output- Tons, Pounds, Ft3, Yds3, M3

 = Board/Lineal Feet
 Input- Dimensions, # Boards
 Output- BFT, Lineal Ft
 = Crown Molding
 Input- Wall & Crown (Spring) Angle
 Output- Miter & Bevel Degrees
 = Drop Ceiling
 Input- Room Dimensions, Distance To Ceiling
 Output- # Supports, # Tees, # Tiles, Wire Ties, # Anchors

 = Flooring
 Input- Room Dimensions, Wastage %, Box Size, Board Width
 Output- Yds2, Area, # Boxes, Linear Ft
 = Paint
 Input- Wall dimensions, # Coats, Wall Type
 Output- Paint Amount

 What's in this version:
 *UPDATED* Drop Ceiling (calculated borders, improved estimation algorithm, more)

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