Music DropNPlay Player v1.0.09 Apk App

Posted by Tips Blog Buzz on 12 April 2012

Music DropNPlay Player v1.0.09 Apk App

Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: A Dropbox player to play Dropbox music on your phone.
 Drop music anywhere to Dropbox and listen to Dropbox music anytime!
 Stream mp3 songs directly from your Dropbox account.

 User settable cache size and intelligent caching logic guarantee you will never be out of music anytime no matter you are taking subway or on a plane. User-friendly Dropbox file explorer puts you in total control of what songs you want to play. And easy graphical interface completely makes your user experience a breeze. In addition, an offline mode option gives you extra flexibility on data usage.


 Real-time stream from your Dropbox account
 Use built-in file explorer to browse your Dropbox account
 Scan a selected folder to discover all songs including subfolders
 Apply Offline Only Mode to save data usage by playing cached songs
 Support headset remote control to pause and resume playback
 Auto swtich between Online and Offline Mode based on network status
 Sort the playlist by artist names or titles
 Seek, Shuffle, Repeat 1/all
 Pick up music in real time by refreshing the file explorer of your Dropbox account

Download Instructions:

Music DropNPlay Player v1.0.09 Apk App Provided by tGadget

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