Calendar and Notes Pro v1.73 Apk App

Posted by Tips Blog Buzz on 16 April 2012

Calendar and Notes Pro v1.73 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Simplify your dates and notes with Calendar and Notes Pro!

 This widget accesses the system's internal calendar app. This way it allows you the synchronization of e.g Google, Android and Exchange calendars.
 There are two types of calendar view - week and month view â€" so you can easily overlook your next appointments.
 Calendar and Notes Pro not only offers access to the calendar, but can also manage notes!
 Calendar and Notes Pro widgets are available in various sizes. So the app can be adjusted to your screen and your own needs optimally.
 In short:
ʉۢ Calendar and notes in different (widget) sizes
ʉۢ Agenda style widgets show upcoming events
ʉۢ User-friendly, clear and simple graphical representation
ʉۢ separate colors can be assigned for each calendar
ʉۢ Browse through months and weeks without long waits
ʉۢ Jump directly to a specific date
ʉۢ automatic refresh and extremely battery friendly though
ʉۢ colors of the widgets can be adjusted according to your taste
ʉۢ Manage notes
 IMPORTANT: This is a widget. To use it, you must long-click your home screen and add at least one of the widgets. You can NOT run it like a normal app.
 - French translation completed
 - Fixed layout errors (Agenda widgets)
 - Correct representation of multi-day events
 - different bug fixes
 - code optimizations
 - added new options, e.g.:
ʉۢ different colors for each calendar selectable
ʉۢ different date formats for agenda widgets (e.g. "days left", short date, long date)
 - bug fixes
 - fixed a bug that could cause the new agenda widgets to crash
 - redesigned UI of the agenda widgets
 - new widgets (agenda) in different sizes
 - various bug fixes, e.g.:
ʉۢ Adjusted view stays permanently now
ʉۢ textinput for notes is scrollable now
 - many new options, e.g.:
ʉۢ ending times in week view can be disabled
ʉۢ ending times in agenda can be disabled
ʉۢ open the calendar app by clicking the widget
ʉۢ font size in week view changeable
ʉۢ line break in week view suppressible
 - Android 4.0 (ICS/Ice Cream Sandwich) ready

Download Instructions:
Calendar and Notes Pro v1.73 Apk App Provided by tGadget

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