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Posted by GokilSite on 01 September 2010

These are some good signs that English has been used widely in Indonesia and merged within local native languanges.

Jakarte English is marked by the 'sih', 'deh', 'dong', 'nih', etc
- That book is very good, deh.- Can you speak english?... yeah, a little sih I can!
- Use my money first nih..
- Give me more dong..
- How sih? Little little angry..

Sundanglish is also available,embeded with 'atuh', 'euy', 'mah'
- Well, if that kind, it pretty so-so atuh
- It can't be that way euy..
- I am mah, not like that... anything else?

The typical Javanese language: 'lho', 'lha', 'tho', 'kok', 'ki', etc
- Lho, I already bought that book!
- Kok, buying again?
- I told you many times 'tho' !
- Lha, I didn't know tho yo... how ki !?
- Don't be like that, no....!?

Other exclamation words of Java: 'wo_', 'wah', 'wé_', 'jian', and 'jé_'
- Wé_ lha this book is mine jé...!
- Wo_, only like that tho!
- Wah, expensive, tho?
- Jian, Vera is beautiful tenan!
We may also use "Jan", pronounce it with longer vowel sound to make it more dramatic, like "jaaan" or "jiaaaan"

Surobenglish is marked by 'tah' and the famous word is 'dianc**' (lho? kok using this word tho? This is bad word jé..)
-Do you feel sick, tah ?
-Dianc**... he took my money, rek !

There are also abundant 'sound effect' or onomatopoeia in Javanese language that are commonly used:
- Suddenly, mak bedhengus Curtis appeared
- My head feels pain, mak cleng !
- Mak tlepok, and just like that I got a manggo !
- My chicken is suddenly died, mak cekengkeng !
- Mak gedebug, Mas Oji fell down.
- Mak boss appeared, I was so surprised ngantek my papers fell down ngono kae..

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